S. H. Shakman - A Partial List of Publications
Academic Other

Nature (London) 338, 6 April 1989, p. 456, "Heliocentric tangents"

Proceedings, Pacific Division, AAAS
*Vol.6 (1987), p.39, "Mendeleev Groups overlaid on Flint Periods"
(a combined periodic table of elements).
*Vol.7 (1988), p. 42, "A Lock for Flint: Diameter & Conductivity";

1987 AAAS Annual Meeting, Abstracts:
#110, "Observations on Behavior of H2 Gas",
#111, "Conductivity of Positive Ions",
#112, "Fuller-Flint-Einstein Correlations,
#113, "Specific Gravity of Aqueous Solutions".

1986 AAAS Annual Meeting, Abstracts:
#212, "The Weight of Hydrogen Gas".

Reference Manual, Autohemotherapy
Reference Manual: Rosenow & Associates
Medicine's Grandest Fraud & Its Impact ... (PhD Thesis)

(2008: with George E.  Meinig, DDS, FACD)
-- Introduction to Japanese translation, his Root Canal Cover-Up
Foreword to Weston Price’s Dental Infections, Oral and Systemic

The Black Pages Directory and Resource Guide (Chief writer/editor) and several other articles on minorities in science, sports, business, for People of Color Publications, San Francisco, 1984-7.

Solar Energy Research Institute, through RTM Corp., Arlington VA., co-wrote two chapters for book on training in renewable-energy technologies, 1983.

USA Today, 25 October 1982, p. 1B, "Energy: U.S. more self- sufficient", and other items on energy-related topics, 1982-3.

Operations Guide for the National Summer Youth Sports Program
(President's Council on Physical Fitness & the NCAA) 1973, 1974.


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