Preface to the Japanese language edition of Root Canal Coverup:


  The publication of this volume in the Japanese language marks a significant milestone in the history of dentistry and its effects on medicine.


  During the second half of the 20th Century, and up to the present time, the popularization of the procedure known as "root canal therapy" has been spread throughout the world in large part through the publication of key textbooks in different languages.  Thus the definitive revelation that this procedure is actually fraught with grave dangers is long overdue.


  The realization that a procedure termed "therapy" could in fact contribute to or even cause a wide range of diseases elsewhere in the body has been so clearly established that it can no longer be ignored.  On the contrary, the damaging evidence against devitalized teeth and oral infections in general is so strong and pervasive, that a thorough search for and elimination of persistent oral infections would well be a prudent first step in addressing virtually all chronic disease conditions.


  This Japanese language edition of Root Canal Coverup is the first edition published in a language other than English.  As such, the Japanese-speaking people will become the first in Asia to have access to this information in their native language -- information whose benefits may be measured in inestimable terms of both quality and length of life.


  Beyond this, it is hoped that the accomplishment of this translation will encourage others in other lands throughout Asia, Europe, and elsewhere to follow the lead of this Japanese example in making this crucial information available to others in their respective native languages -- in the interest of truth and health for the citizens of the world.


George E. Meinig, DDS, FACD

S. Hale Shakman, PhD,

22 April 2008, Ventura California