[L] A combined periodic table of elements. S.H. Shakman

   "Mendeleev Groups overlaid on Flint Periods" (see [K])
constitutes a combined periodic table of elements which
preserves essential information of both taxonomies and may
facilitate approaching scientific information from the
(alternate or complementary) perspective of either. The
value of preserving Mendeleev's periodicity may be inferred
from its position in contemporary science; the value of
Flint's periodicity may be see in its utility [see [D] & [G].
   The utility of Flint's taxonomy serves to emphasize the
significance of atomic number as a [quote] more fundamentally
important property of an element than its atomic weight [J.C.
Speakman, 1947]. Here, atomic number (rather than atomic
weight) is utilized as a measure of relative weight. Such a
characterization most notably diverges from contemporary
thinking in the case of hydrogen [addressed by [N] & [O]].
   This combined table of elements (a) may be seen to relate
to origins of Mendeleev's periodicity in its symmetrical
embodiment of the non-metals and the otherwise somewhat
anomolous lanthanides & actinides; (b) may be viewed as
geometrically harmonious with the work of R.B. Fuller (see
[M]); and (c) constitutes a proposed extension/merger of
conventionally-appraised periodicities into an encompassing
algebraically-structured system which underlies the fabric
of the ponderable universe. The existence of such a system
was anticipated by both I.Newton** & A.Einstein*** (see[A]).

*SHAKMAN,S.H., Proceedings,Pac.Div.AAAS,Vol.6,Part 1,p.39.

(c)1987 SHShakman

[Presented on 16 June 1987 at the 68th Annual Meeting of the
Pacific Division American Association for the Advancement of
Science in conjunction with printing of abstract Mendeleev
Groups overlaid on Flint Periods (a combined periodic table
of elements) in Proceedings,Pac.Div.AAAS,Vol.6,Part 1,p.39]


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