Preface to the Japanese Edition of Root Canal Coverup
Foreword to Dental Infections, Oral and Systemic, 1923, by Weston Price

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Date of Birth: September 2, 1914

Marital Status:     Married, 1937; Eleanor [d. 5/21/2005]

Education:     Pre dental - Chicago College of Dental Surgery,
1932-33   Doctor of Dental Surgery - Chicago College of Dental
Surgery, 1937  Post Graduate Training Endodontia, 1940

Practice: Evanston, Illinois, 1937-1943      Military Service -
U.S. Army Air Corps - Oral Surgery, 1943-1946     Managed Dental
Office 20th Century Fox Movie Studio, 1946-1948   Associate/Dr.
Edwin Halvorson/Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California     Private
Practice - Ojai, California, 1948-1983

Hospital Service:   Ojai Community Hospital, 1954-1983
{Dental-surgical staff member}     Ventura Community Hospital,
1955-1972 {Dental-surgical staff member}     Army Air Corps,
1945-1946 {Managed oral surgery facility}


American Dental Association (Life Member) Illinois State Dental
Association(Life Member) Chicago Dental Society (Life Member) North
Suburban Dental Society California Dental Association (Life Member)
Santa Barbara Ventura County Dental Association (Life Member)
American Association of Endodontists (Founding Member - Life
member) International Academy of Gnathology Edgar Coolidge Root
Canal Study Group Harold Hawkins Applied Nutrition Study Group
Herman Becks Practice of Dental Medicine Charles Stuart, D.D.S.,
Gnathology Research Group MEMBERSHIP  IN  PROFESSIONAL

University of Southern California Dental School Acupuncture Group
Center for Chinese Medicine International College of Applied
Nutrition Orthomolecular Medical Society Mike Walsh Nutrition Group
Southern California Academy of Nutrition Research - E. Cheraskin
Director - 8 years American Nutrition Society Santa Barbara Ventura
Dental Association Speakers Bureau - 15 years Melvin Page, D.D.S.,
Degeneration-Regeneration National Health Federation Price
Pottenger Nutrition Foundation - 32 years - Board of Directors
National Writers Club - Professional Member American Academy of
Biological Dentistry International Academy of Oral Medicine &
Toxicology Environmental Dental Society American Academy of Medical
Preventics International Academy of Holistic Health & Medicine
National Acupuncture Research Society Medical Dentistry Seminars
Cancer Control Society Jeff Blands Functional Medicine Update -
Charter Member International College of Advancement of Longevity


Fellowship American College of Dentists Fellow Academy
International Dentistry Fellow International College of Applied
Nutrition Fellow Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation Fellow
International Academy of Nutrition & Preventive Medicine Who’s Who
In California Diploma of Recognition & Honor - 1999 American
Academy Biological Dentists Certificado de Assistencía - Mexico,
1964-1973 Federation Dentairs International, Cologne, Germany, 1962


“NEW”Trition - How to Achieve Optimum Health - 311 page book.

Root Canal Cover-up Exposed!  Buried Focal Infections REDISCOVERED -  
Dentist to the Stars Discovers Hidden Truth . . . Tells What to Do!
256 page book. Second Edition, 1994:  Chapter 24 rewritten -
cavitation infections described; Third printing, 1995; Fourth
printing, 1996; Fifth printing, 1998; Sixth printing, 2000


Chewing Gum Dangers - Let’s Live, September, 1991 Over Fed but
Undernourished - Bestways, March, 1987 The Tongue -- Magic Mirror
to Health - Total Health, February, 1987 Nutritional Approach to
Problem Drinking Implicates Hypoglycemia in Alcoholism - Health
News & Review, March & April, 1986 The Atomic Cocktail - Nutrition
Picture Window - Journal of Applied Nutrition, Vol. 18, 1965
Regular columnist for the Price Pottenger Nutrition Journal
Columnist Ojai Valley News for 17 years (Nutritionally Speaking) –
Over 1000 articles

Presented nationally and internationally a wide variety of dental
subjects including Tempero Mandibular Joint Disturbances,
gnathology, full mouth reconstruction, periodontal gum disease,
nutrition, and root canal therapy.


Presentations before county and many state and national
organizations.  Since 1993, over 50 lectures concerning the 75 year
buried Focal Infection research and the serious side effects of
root canal therapy from these infections.


Federation Dentaire International - Cologne, Germany Congress
International de Gnatholgia in Mexico City, 1954-1963 Sociedae
Brasileira de Reabilitacao Oral in Rio de Janeiro British Society
for Community Medicine - London, England The Society for
Nutritional Medicine - London, England Second Opinion Alternative
Medicine Seminar - Nassau in the Bahamas Biofield Medical
Association - Black Forest, Germany Congress International des
Chirurgiens-Dentistes-Odenth 98, Perpignan, France


Over 60 radio and seven television shows regarding root canal focal
infection illnesses.


Santa Barbara Ventura County Dental Society, President Junior
Chamber of Commerce - Charter Member & Officer Lions International
- Board of Director Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation - Board
Member & Vice President Ojai Valley Business Association - Chairman
Organizer of the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce CIVIC  &

Chairman Children’s Concerts Ojai Festivals Councilman - City of
Ojai, California Voice of the Valley Association - President Ojai
Press Sentinel - Community Newspaper - Board of Directors Ojai
Festivals Board of Directors Bio-Probe, Inc. Second Opinion
Alternatives Alternative Medicine

TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2008

George E. Meinig, DDS, FACD 
(2 September 1914 - 2 May 2008)

16 May 2008 

George E. Meinig, best known internationally for his book "Root Canal Cover-Up", passed away on 2 May 2008 at the age of 93. Up through even the prior week, we had continued to collaborate on a follow-up joint book project, tentatively titled “Root Canal Time Bomb – Roots of Cancer”.

Some 65 years had passed since he was invited to become a founding member of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE). Thus his charge in recent years of a “cover-up” of facts concerning hazards of root canal treatments cannot be taken lightly. These facts had indeed been submerged from his view through all his years of dental education and practice and beyond, even up to the present time. In making this charge, he parted ways with those very professional organizations and colleagues with whom he had shared a long and distinguished professional life – because the facts of the situation demanded it. 

Without detracting from the great efforts and accomplishments of Weston Price and others early in the 20th Century, circumstances greeting George Meinig's involvement at the end of the century were uniquely difficult. By then debate over systemic effects of infected teeth was muted, seemingly whispered as quasi-heresy, and root canal treatments had become firmly ensconced as common practice. Moreover, he took on what he truly felt was his personal responsibility at a relatively advanced age, at his own expense, and with far more opposition than support. Nonetheless he has indeed succeeded in taking a big and irreversible step toward bringing this long-buried fundamental issue to the attention of the world -- as particularly embodied in the achievement of publication in the Japanese language.

There is no health-related issue facing the world today that is more fundamental than the interface between the domains of dentistry and medicine. And there is no book published in modern times that strikes so directly and deeply, as does "Root Canal Cover-Up", at the entrenched orthodoxy that inhibits progress on this issue. George Meinig has thus achieved a unique position in the history of dentistry and medicine through the fortunate combination of his own professional history, his courage, and his personal integrity. His spirit and hunger for truth and knowledge will live forever as incomparable inspiration and light.

S. Hale Shakman, PhD