The INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE does not currently provide on-site lectures.

During the Spring term of 1998, Mr. Shakman lectured on the subject of oral focal infection at the American Academy of Biological Dentistry (AABD) in Carmel, California, and the Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CUIN) in Washington, D.C. Video and audio copies of the AABD presentation, "Medicine's Greatest Fraud" (30 min.) are currently available.

On 17 October 1998, Shakman served on the Holistic Dentistry Panel at the Natural Health and Fitness Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Audiotape recording of the discussion, "Death by Dentistry" (90 min.), is currently available.

Additional engagements (audiotapes will be available in the near future):

- - -Spring 1999: the American Academy of Biological Dentistry (AABD), Carmel California
- - - Spring 2000, Emperor's College, Santa Monica, CA

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