Cosmological Speculation/Cycle of Gases. S.H. Shakman

As solutes in water exhibit behavior analogous to[*a] & possibly derivative of gases in a vacuum, so might the water medium itself relate to that of space; molecular mass of gas (or fluid density), inverse-sq.-root of which may be equated w/relative velocity (or velocity of efflux)[*b], to that value whose inverse-sq.-root may be equated to the velocity of light, which value may intimately relate to evolution of both electromagnetivity[*c] & matter[*d]; degassing of planets[*e] to cosmic outflow phenomena[*f]; inversion & ionization that may be associated with generation of biomass on earth[*g] (where volcanic gases impact rel. cold water), to that which may be associated with generation of protomass in the form of ionized hydrogen in star forming zones[*h] (where the hot outflow of an inverse black hole may impact our cell[*i] of cold space). An hypothesized attribute of zero mass for negatively ionized hydrogen[*j] may render it an attractive protomass candidate. On earth biomass formed of degassed methane etc. could be caught in sub-oceanic volcanic turbulence & cooked into petroleum[*k]. Degassed methane may have alternatively formed methane hydrates[*l] under permafrost & ocean floors in sufficient quantities to encircle earth w/a 40-mile thick CH4 atmosphere[*m], which hydrates form a cap over still more methane underneath[*n].

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