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For your kind attention and consideration:

HYDRATION.COM (domain name only)
is for sale for $5 MM
(price of 30 second ad in SuperBowl 2016)

or best offer over $2 MM before superbowl 2017.

Hydration.com is forever -- a gift that keeps giving.

1. Comparables -- industry-specific domain name sales
2. Similarly-priced products
3. Hydration.com: Original impetus for registration -- the Secret Code of the Universe

1. Comparables
 The closest comparables may be found in the banking industry.
loans.com     sold for  $ 3.0 MM  in 2000 to Bank of America
savings.com  sold for  $ 1.9 MM  in 2003 to Citibank
There are no comparables to hydration.com in the hydration industry.

2. Similarly-priced products
$4 MM - 30 second superbowl spot
$4 MM - Obama Hawaii vacation
$4 MM  - One-year contract, Atlanta Braves & Gavin Floyd
$4 MM - Maltese Falcon figurine from movie of same name
$4 MM - Annual income of a top South Korean tutor
$4.5 MM - Average house price Santa Monica north of Montana Ave
$2.5 MM - Watches: Lange and Sohne; Clapton's Patek

3. Hydration.com:
     Original impetus for registration -- the Secret Code of the Universe
This domain name was originally registered with no intent of commercialization.  Rather, it was registered to honor arguably the most significant discovery in the history of science -- Lewis Herrick Flint's 1932 realization and description of the fundamental behavior patterns of hydrational potentiality.  Flint's discovery is consequent to. and seemingly consummates and transcends, two of the other preeminient scientific discoveries of all time: (1) Kepler's third harmonic law, whereby, for all the satellites of our sun (planets), the cube of their respective distances from the sun, divided by the square of their respective times of journey around the sun, is a constant, the exact same number [thus establishing a precise relation between time and space on a practical perceivable level, and comprising perhaps the most significant pre-Newtonian discovery, without which Newtonian physics would not have been possible].  And (2) Mosely's discovery of the inverse square relation, for each of the elements, between their respective atomic numbers and their respective associated wave-lengths of vibration [thus establishing the primacy of atomic numbers as the fundamental measurement of mass, plus a precise relation between the atomic numbers of the elements and their respective composite energy.. 

Flint's great discovery of 1932, 80 years ago, of an inverse, integral, reciprocal and periodic relation between atomic numbers and associated units of aqueous solvent (water units), virtually ignored by contemporary science, extends our understanding of the precise mathematical inverse-squares composition of the ponderable universe, i.e., the domain of so-called Newtonian physics, to the realm of hydrates, i.e., solutes in aqueous solution, including all life forms e.g. including our own.  As with Kepler and Mosely, Flint's discovery is not theoretical, but rather derives directly from extensive observational data -- non-controversial well-documented measurements of size/mobility of ions in aqueous solution (as discussed in links below).  Insodoing Flint's mathematical extension of our realization of the mechanical fabric of the universe provides a foundation for a proper understanding of even the formation of the elements and composition of matter itself, from the most basic forms to the most complex. As such it may well provide the key to solving seemingly intractable modern-day problems such as storage and even neutralization of nuclear waste, dematerialization and rematerialization-at-a-distance of complex material fabric (e.g., "beam me up scotty"), reversal of natural biological processes e.g., aging and disease, and the foundation for understanding if not executing time travel, for starters.  As for a price or value of such a discovery, a mere $4 million is a trifling.

Over the years, we have received numerous inquiries as to the availability of Hydration.com for sale..Up until now the answer has been no, and no price was ever set nor even considered.  On further consideration it was realized that the market value of the imprimatur of Hydration.com to a purveyor of hydrational products could generate resources that could materially facilitate dissemination of information concerning the great value of Flint's Description of Hydrational Potentiality to society and the flourishing and very survival of life on earth.

Thank you again for your consideration.  The following links relating to the subject of Hydration and the Unification of Science are provided as a public service, pending sale of this domain name..











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